Sunday, 5 August 2012

Muck and Brass

I have patiently been quiet, succumbing to the requests for normality from both sides of the divide and not to respond to provocation.  However, when someone who clearly wishes to keep the momentum of the past feud going, fuelled by his "friend" and confidant I feel I mus respond when the low life know as Connolly decided to have a pop at me in his tawdry blog. I did reply by email to this fools last blog about the proof he whined for and suggested we meet and yet he did not respond, seems he is selective about what he wishes to see and hear or is just plain scared?

Now Connolly, understand something that your brain may find difficult to comprehend.  Your so called research and investigation of the facts is wrong, as is most of your spoutings.  I used to be a magistrate that much is true, and had I still been an active magistrate I would not respond to your outlandish accusations in your dull blog and I point out that I decided to retire for my own personal reasons.

Whilst as a magistrate, I carried out all of my duties without prejudice or favour to any person and within the guidelines set out by the government.  Your presumption that I would do otherwise, without proof of any such action is bigoted and unlawful.  Your ignorance of how the Bench and the legal system works is staggering and shows lack of investigation on your part.  Had you appeared in a court that I had been a member of, and you owning a vehicle that you previously had not taxed or legally registered and parked on someone else's land without prior permission, you could easily have done, I would without hesitation have declared my knowledge of you to the clerk of the court, and without declaring why to the other magistrates and removed myself from the case, taking no action whatsoever in the proceedings.  The same would be so for Mr Canvin or indeed any person I have had dealings with.

As I have said, I am no longer a magistrate retiring some time ago and as such I can speak out against the appalling self centred actions of you and your friend.  As I am a retired member of the bench I am entittled to use the post nominals JP, though the fact is since retiring from the bench I have not done so.  On a final point, I happened to be in Southwark last week and had occasional to chat about you to several people, it seems you are not the champion of the oppressed as you portray yourself to be.  In a nutshell, an interesting and informative chat about you.

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